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The latest NBA rumor involving Kentucky’s coach came with a twist: This time he was in Egypt coaching USA Basketball’s under-19 World Cup team when the report surfaced that someone contacted the Knicks on his behalf to express interest in becoming New York’s president (and maybe coach).

Honestly, I’d forgotten, but the first two of those rumors were about the Knicks, so we’ve come full circle with the report Thursday that Calipari was interested in becoming New York’s president — which he woke up before 5 a.m. Here now, the complete history of Calipari-to-the-NBA rumors since he won it all in 2012: Calipari to the Knicks?

Purcell’s lawsuit states that Yormark’s coercion on the matter inflicted significant amounts of stress on her.

Under the partnership between Mikhail Prokhorov and Bruce Ratner, Yormark reports to the Board of Directors of both the NETS and Barclays Center.

In January 2007, Yormark secured a 20-year strategic marketing partnership with Barclays, which includes the naming rights to Barclays Center.

NEW YORK -- Long before he was running Mikhail Prokhorov's sports and entertainment empire in Brooklyn, Brett Yormark was trying to close the biggest sponsorship deal in New Jersey Nets history.

But in order to get the deal across the finish line, Yormark felt he needed to do more, so he asked the team’s new head coach at the time, John Calipari, who he had become friendly with, for a favor."[Pathmark’s CEO at the time] Jim Donald was extremely competitive, and he wanted to play me one-on-one," Calipari recalled, "but Brett told me, 'You have to let him win.'"Calipari, a fierce competitor himself, wasn’t having it."'I’m not letting him win,'" he told Yormark."'Listen Cal, this will be the biggest deal we’ve ever had -- you have to let him win,'" Yormark responded.

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