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But I had a coil and so surely I couldn't be preggers? I was scared about becoming a mother for so many reasons. But no matter how many books I read or people I spoke to, I couldn't seem to make peace with the idea of motherhood. So here are ten things I want to share: CHERRY'S TOP TEN BABY SURVIVAL TIPS 1.

Whilst I was still overwhelmed at the thought of becoming a mum, I was at least reassured about labour. Over the past 12 months I've had to become more organised, and it can be hard getting enough sleep, but I've learnt lots along the way. BUT there are now so many options available to make it more comfortable, there really isn't any reason at all to be scared. You are eating for two but in QUALITY, not quantity.

This is because no matter how much fun we’ve had, our daughter Coco, three, does not understand the concept of lying in.

She wakes up at 7am, and if I stayed in bed while Roly took her to the park, I’d feel really guilty. On Saturday morning I make myself a rich cup of coffee and cook us breakfast.

Cherry, who meets the participants for the first time when they start filming, says she becomes intensely invested in their mission to the point that she feels guilty when they expect to find someone and instead meet another dead end.

If it's so bad, why do so many people have more than one?! British television personality Cherry Healey is embarking on a whirlwind adventure across the globe as she helps the lovelorn track down the 'one that got away' as the host of the new FYI reality series Find My First Love.Each week Cherry meets a new man or woman who is determined to find a lost love in hopes of rekindling a former flame or finally getting closure after years of pining.While she and her team rely on tips and local private detectives to find the people they are searching for, Cherry notes that it is a logistical nightmare because there is so much misinformation and there are so many dead ends.The process can take anywhere from a week to three weeks, depending on the obstacles they face and whether or not they are thrown any curve balls along the way – just as Alicia was during her search for Benjamin, who had long-since moved away from the property he lived in while the pair were a couple.

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