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After we originally published our selection of the top guitar brands, it became clear from the feedback we received that many of you wanted us to recommend individual models as well as the top brands, so here is our new selection along with one of the most popular models, and an entry level model, for each of the top 10 brands.Budget The best course of action is to set a budget that is reasonable - right at the get go - while also considering the cost for other important gear like accessories, cables, amplifiers and effects, should you need them.Blade Guitars is a manufacturer of electric guitars and bass guitars founded by luthier Gary Levinson in 1987.Levinson had been repairing guitars since 1964 and, in 1977, during his graduate studies at the University of Basel, Switzerland, he founded Guitars by Levinson.Their presentation at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in 1988 signalled their European launch.The main concept behind the design of Blade Guitars is "Classic Design, Creative Technology"; from this, it would be sensible to infer that a significant portion of their range is inspired by well-established electric guitar and bass designs.In October, 1987 the first instruments were shown and Blade Guitars was launched at the Tokyo Music Show that year.The 1988 Frankfurt Musikmesse heralded the launch into Europe.

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(Originally posted 1/02/06) Have a beautiful r3 standard blade that i've had for as long as i've been married, which is ten years now.

Inherent resonant frequencies of woods, innovative electronics and the tonal effect of hardware designs are important factors in his concept development.

Equally as important is the role of "metaphysics" - or magic.

During this time I learned in great detail about manufacturing techniques and also developed new ideas for electronics and hardware but was told by manufacturers that my ideas were “too revolutionary.” So I decided to do it myself.

January 1987 a manufacturing alliance was made to bring the highest integrity in build with the most innovative developments.

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