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The volcanoes are progressively younger to the southeast; the oldest dated volcano, located at the northern end, is 81 million years old.

The break between the two sub-chains is 43 million years- in comparison, the oldest of the principal islands, Kaua The "assembly line" that forms the volcanoes is driven by a hotspot- a plume of magma deep within the Earth producing lava at the surface.

“You’ve got snow-capped mountains, lava, rain forests, and desert areas all in one place,” says Lidstrom.

In particular, he encourages photographers to explore the Puna region of the island, which he deems “the Wild West of Hawaii.” The region is the least populated, and, he adds, “it’s undiscovered.” The photographers recommend flying to Kona on the Big Island and then heading over to the Hilo side, which is rainier and offers more ready access to volcanoes, waterfalls, and rainforests.

But its unusual microclimates allow you access to some of nature’s best beauties.

The crystal blue waters are home to fascinating underwater subjects, chirping native birds live in the forests, active volcanoes spew out glowing molten earth, and, if you’re lucky, you can watch the red-hot lava pour directly into the ocean for an unparalleled sight.

Etna Experience offers a range of excursions, starting at €139 (£125) per adult.It’s also possible to visit a volcano without a trek, and one of the places you can do it is New Zealand’s only active marine volcano, know as White Island (or Whakaari).Most of it sits beneath the sea, meaning that once you take a boat from North Island you can walk straight onto the crater complex and explore the sulphur-rich scenery, complete with pits of bubbling mud and a lake of steaming acid.The slow drift of the Pacific Plate will eventually carry Mauna Loa away from the hotspot within 500,000 to one million years from now, at which point it will become extinct.Mauna Loa's most recent eruption occurred from March 24 to April 15, 1984.

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