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This was virtually the same info I had been teaching sales teams for years. It turns out they are only working with celebrities now. Isn’t it funny how things that seem insurmountable aren’t once you dig into the details? When you’re going for something big, people will step up to help if you ask. Make me an infomercial to test.’ He said you’ll either be a wild success or completely fail. The Wax Vac — a vacuum for ear wax that he’d sold millions of. Traci Brown Traci Brown is a body language expert, author, keynote speaker and trainer specializing in unconscious persuasion and is regularly featured on TV and radio for her analysis and insight.Just a few shifts in the terminology I used did the trick. After 6 months of development, my Persuasion Point kit was ready I found myself on a conference call with the VPs at the Home Shopping Network. They said ‘Just go out and make yourself a celebrity then call us back, we like the product’. I’ll get right on that, I thought’ I felt like a balloon that had popped. I was getting married in 4 weeks and was near meltdown on all levels. But I found out it only takes about 350 sales to be a category bestseller. So I put together a killer sales letter and sent it to 40 of my professional speaker buddies to send to their list. For days, orders poured in and Persuasion Point was the top selling book in the self help/communication category, even a top new release on Kindle. Certainly traffic tickets were a bigger problem than ear wax, right? I just didn’t know what sales channel would make it a true financial success. Should I just resign myself to selling this at the back of the room at my talks? There’s nothing like a Shark to make you swim faster, swim stronger and find a way. Traci also holds a business degree from the University of Colorado and is a certified master practitioner of Neuro Linguistics, Hypnosis and Hawaiian Huna.It was going to take real work and real out of pocket expense.The risk was high for me both in time and dollars, but the potential payoff was huge. When you help, people will be there for you when you need it.Have you ever thought you were ready to roll with a solution the marketplace really wanted and thought it was perfect… ” That’s what happened when the phone rang the next week.

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This blog is inspired by my own ups and downs in my experiences with the opposite sex. Can I get the same results as the ones who get it right?I lost my wife to cancer over two years ago after 25 years of marriage.I joined E-Harmony last fall, and I had never been on a dating site before. My profile was terrible, and I did not understand how to write messages or respond to messages.It turns out that Sharks often ask for product redevelopment before they move into action. I felt like I was on the 1 yard line ready to score a touchdown. I was sure I was on my way to air time on one of the home shopping networks. Only a visit with my good friend Jack Daniels could ease this pain. Who wouldn’t want to know how to talk their way out of a traffic ticket?After lots of research, scripting and designing, I targeted the women’s market from the problems I solved right down to the color of the box. (Nobody get s that kind of time with them) It was targeted perfectly for their audience. When the phone finally rang, they said their first PO would be for…for it…. When we pitched to the rest of them, they said being a bestseller wasn’t good enough. Kevin said, “Forget the home shopping networks, we’ll do this ourselves. I didn’t know much about infomercials so he sent one to model.

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